Mastering Table Etiquette with FnS Cutlery

Mastering Table Etiquette with FnS Cutlery

Dining is an experience, and like all experiences, it's made memorable by the details. Whether it's a casual dinner with family or a lavish party with friends, the way you present and handle your cutlery speaks volumes. With FnS's elegantly designed cutlery in hand, let’s dive into the art of table etiquette.

1. The Basics:

The Fork: Typically on the left. The tines (prongs) face downwards. Use your left hand to hold it, keeping your index finger on the back of the upper handle.

The Knife: To the right of the plate. The blade faces inwards, towards the plate. Hold with your right hand, thumb on one side of the handle and the first two fingers on the other.

The Spoon: Positioned to the right of the knife, the bowl of the spoon faces upwards.

2. The Starting Line:

Remember the "outside-in" rule. If you have multiple forks, knives, or spoons, always start with the outermost piece. As the meal progresses, work your way in.

3. The Resting Position:

If you're pausing to chat or take a sip of your drink, place your knife and fork in an inverted ‘V’ with the tips touching in the center of the plate. This signals that you're not yet done.

4. The Finish Line:

Done with your meal? Place your knife and fork side by side, diagonally across the plate. The knife's blade should face the fork, and both should point to the plate's top left corner.

5. The Soup Spoon:

Scoop soup away from you, starting at the soup bowl's closest edge and moving outwards. Bring the spoon to your mouth and sip from its side.

6. The Dessert Fork and Spoon:

The fork is held in your left hand while the spoon is in your right. Use the fork to secure your dessert, and the spoon to cut and convey the bite to your mouth.

7. Remember the "B&D" rule:

If you ever forget which side your bread plate (B) or drink (D) is on, touch your index fingers to your thumbs to form a lowercase 'b' with your left hand and 'd' with your right hand. Bread is on your left, drink on your right!


With FnS cutlery enhancing your dining aesthetics, mastering these etiquettes not only reflects your refined taste but also elevates your dining experience. Remember, it's not just about eating; it's about enjoying every moment at the table. So, the next time you're seated for a meal, take a moment to appreciate the gleam of your FnS cutlery and the elegance they bring to every bite.

Bon appétit!